Lodging, Meals & Other Details


Bayside families will be housed together in either Oak Mound Lodge or Folsom Cottage. Both facilities have air conditioning. Please check the Pilgrim Center website for photographs.

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Folsom Cottage: Each of the three rooms in Folsom Cottage contains one twin sized bunk bed and a twin bed. There are two shared family bathrooms.

Oak Mound Lodge: Oak Mound has two floors with rooms that have 2 - 4 twin beds and most sharing bathroom facilities with one other room. There are several rooms with private baths and a couple rooms with accessible facilities. Depending on the configuration of families that register for camp, we may ask a family to bring a cot and sleeping bag to accommodate all members of their family sharing the same room.

Please state in the registration comments section if you require an accessible bathroom and/or a room on the entrance level to avoid stairs.

Teen Accommodations:

Fond du Lac and Sheboygan cabins have been designated as teenager accommodations for those teens wishing to sleep separately from their families. These accommodations are more rustic. Each contains five bunk beds, one twin bed and bathroom facilities. Neither have A/C, but the concrete block should keep the rooms naturally cooler.

Linens: Everyone will receive linens upon arrival, including a blanket, pillow, pillowcase, flat sheet, fitted sheet, two towels and a washcloth.


The Pilgrim Center will accommodate special diets such as vegetarian, gluten free, soy milk, and others, but will need the numbers of people requesting these meals at least two weeks prior to camp. IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC DIET REQUEST please email Luke (baysideuu@gmail.com) at least three weeks in advance, otherwise Pilgrim Center may not be able to meet your dietary needs.

Meals are served family-style in Pilgrim Center’s Norenberg Dining Lodge.

This means that each table gets its own food and shares together. Campers with special dietary requests will receive their meals directly from the kitchen.

Just think: no cooking, no cleaning, no shopping, no sirens, no home work, no yard work, no phones, no ironing, no traffic, no major damage to your bank account... just fun and relaxation!

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