Bayside Magic

Oh, That Bayside Magic!

The mornings start with joyous exclamations of "I got one!" drifting up from the eager fisherkids on the dock. The evenings end with bleary-eyed adults regretfully putting away the musical instruments and wandering blissfully off to bed.

The week starts with giddy reunions and new friendships. It ends with five minutes' fame at the Bayside Talent Show and freshly-hatched schemes to move into each other's neighborhoods.

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We wish it could happen all year long—but it does happen for one solid week in July and our family wouldn't miss it for the world!

To me, Bayside is a gaggle of kids trooping through the woods gleefully singing, "We are UUs, ever-searching UUs..." at the top of their lungs. It's tanned and tired children looking around an evening vesper service trying to decide which "parent" they'd like to cuddle with during story time. Bayside is carefree hours together, bent over an art project in the lodge. It's Uncle Todd's After Lunch Reading Room and Nap-o-Rama. It's relaxing on the veranda, fully assured that, whomever your child is with, they are not only safe, they are probably in bliss.

Bayside is a Unitarian village. A safe, warm, and nurturing place for "raising" the child in all of us.

We invite you to join us at our rustic Wisconsin get-away. It is a quiet area — free of automobiles, concrete, and traffic — with a wide grassy hillside, large shade trees for lounging and playing, a gorgeous view of the lake, and our own dock for fishing, sunning, and boating.

Most importantly, it is a place where we live out our Unitarian Universalist principles and spend priceless moments with our ever-growing family.

— Cliff Missen

 Bait Applicator and Sunfish Extractor (morning shift)

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