Adult Morning Workshops & Activities

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For Earlier Risers:

Most of us slowly get out of bed and mosey on down to the dock with a hot cup of coffee to enjoy our kids’ smiling faces as we find out how many fish they have caught with the Bayside Fisher-Dads. However, Baysiders are very welcome to join into the Pilgrim Center polar bear plunge in Green Lake in the morning or enjoy more relaxing morning exercise activities such as yoga, zumba, or sleeping in...

Daily Morning Celebrations:

Each morning we gather for a period of contemplation and celebration. These reflective moments will be coordinated by one of the campers and bring together poetry, music, meditation, rhythm, song, and a few surprises...

Each year a few of the campers share their own peak learning and experiences with the group, building a week's worth of meaningful programming by tapping the best resource out there — fellow Bayside campers!

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If you have a spiritual practice, talent, or bit of knowledge that you'd be willing to share with your fellow campers during our time together, please let the registrar know.

Following Morning Celebration, there are workshops, sailing lessons or “me-time” opportunities. Bayside workshops are eclectic, inspirational, dynamic, and fun! Workshops cover a wide range of topics and meet from 10:00 a.m. until 11:45. Attendance is not required by anyone, but if you don’t, you might miss something really cool!

Morning Workshops:

Compassionate Living Class

   Eric Nelson

   Mon - Fri, 10am - 1145am

We will meet Tuesday - Friday to learn about and practices mindful self-compassion, as developed by Christin Neff and Paul Gilbert.  The class is a research based program designed to help you deal in a healthy way with pain, stress and/or suffering, in whatever form it presents itself– physical, mental, emotional or relational.  Every human being has a capacity to develop greater self and other compassion.  You will learn skills to develop: emotional balance, self and other compassion and forgiveness and improved interpersonal harmony. No previous meditation or mindfulness experience required.

Eric Nelson is the facilitator for the class and brings 20 years experience in mindfulness and compassion research and training. 

Eric will also offer a one-day sampler mindfulness workshop on Monday at this same time.  

Naturalist Workshops

   Exact days TBA

Workshops may include a stream walk, bat talk, and survey of Green Lake ecology.

Porch Workshop

A perennial favorite! Join seasoned Baysiders in exploring the complex personal, spiritual, and political facets of contemplating the world from a large porch overlooking the timeless splendor of Green Lake. Participants will learn valuable skills like:

  • several easy-to-assume postures for shut-eye meditations
  • positioning yourself to make the most of the handrail and footrest
  • the best nods and grimaces to entertain passersby

Depending on how rapidly the workshop progresses, participants may investigate more advanced skills like:

  • leaning w-a-a-a-a-y back
  • VLHR (very-low heart rate) meditations
  • synchronized snoring

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