Bayside Adult Workshops & Activities

This page contains the programming for adults from Bayside 2019. Note that we will be having a "virtual" Bayside 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be updated.

For Earlier Risers:

Most of us slowly get out of bed and mosey on down to the dock with a hot cup of coffee to enjoy our kids' smiling faces as we find out how many fish they have caught with the Bayside Fisher-Dads. However, Baysiders are very welcome to enjoy other relaxing morning exercise activities such as yoga, zumba, or sleeping in...

Daily Morning Celebrations

Each morning we gather for a period of contemplation and celebration. These reflective moments will be coordinated by one of the campers and bring together poetry, music, meditation, rhythm, song, and a few surprises...

Each year a few of the campers share their own peak learning and experiences with the group, building a week's worth of meaningful programming by tapping the best resource out there - fellow Bayside campers!

If you have a spiritual practice, talent, or bit of knowledge that you'd be willing to share with your fellow campers during our time together, please let the registrar know at

Following Morning Celebration, there are workshops, crafts or "me-time" opportunities. Bayside workshops are eclectic, inspirational, dynamic, and fun! Attendance is not required by anyone, but if you don't go, you might miss something cool!


Morning Yoga

Virginia Harrison

Outdoors weather permitting, indoors as needed, from about 7:00 to about 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

Join Virginia and other Baysiders for early morning yoga! Whether you practice yoga regularly or have yet to try a downward-facing dog pose, you are welcome to come stretch and breathe for 30 minutes to start your day well. Unlike a formal yoga class, we will each do our own yoga poses at our own pace. Virginia will have a couple of extra mats to borrow and some quiet music to set the mood. (If you own a mat, please bring it.)

Emotional Balance: connecting values, intention and mindfulness

Eric Nelson

This workshop meets Monday-Friday 10-11:45am. Course based on book: Emotional Chaos to Clarity by Phillip Moffitt

When life doesn't go the way we planned or hoped, we sometimes collapse into emotional chaos, which can lead us to make poor decisions and act unwisely. This chain of events can create a great deal of suffering for us. However, it's possible to relate to the disappointment and difficulty in our lives without stress and anguish. Emotional chaos is the result of reactive mind states. You know all too well what reactive mind states are - anger, anxiety, frustration, irritation, restlessness, worry, insecurity, doubt, obsession, etc.

These reactive mind states are not your fault really. Life is unpredictable and sometimes painful, so of course it generates mental and emotional chaos. But you don't have to helplessly submit to your mind being tossed around willy-nilly by these inner storms.

There is a way to move from the emotional chaos of the reactive mind to a state of clarity in which you are able to respond to people and situations from a responsive mind state. Your responsive mind state knows what you are about. It allows you to stay grounded in your deepest values even in the face of life's uncertainty. You experience clarity that allows you to act with wisdom and stay true to what matters most to you. This abiding wisdom yields a sense of ease and direction in life that I call skillful living. Here are some of the benefits of skillful living that this book seeks to help you discover:

  • You know and act from your core values at all times
  • You gain wisdom from both pleasant and unpleasant experiences.
  • You can discern between thoughts, words, and actions that cause harm and those that do not, and you act accordingly.
  • You know your true nature, the essence of your character, and how to protect it.
  • You accept gain and loss equally and derive insight from each.
  • You have an inner life in which love can flourish, even if your outer life is filled with challenges.

Eric Nelson is the facilitator for the class and brings 20 years experience in mindfulness and compassion research and training.

Spiritual Autobiographies

Luke Brooks-Shesler

Workshop is held M-F following morning celebration (10am - 11:45am)

During this workshop we will write the story of our spiritual lives. We will think of key spiritual moments in our childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The workshop meetings will include group discussion, in-class exercises, and writing assignments. This workshop will also involve writing outside of class. On the final day of the workshop, we will read our spiritual autobiographies to the class.

Mindfulness Meditation

Eric Nelson

Mindfulness Meditation, M-F from 4:15pm - 4:45pm


Christel Kesler

Monday from 1:45pm - 3:15pm

Christel will lead a discussion on the causes, perpetuation, outcomes and potential remedies for inequality in the United States.

Board Games Workshop

Rania Huntington

Tuesday from 1:45pm - 3:15pm (or longer?)

If you are intrigued by relatively long, complex board games but never have the time or attention span to learn, what better place than Bayside? This will be a low-stress introduction from someone who loves games but, as her children can attest, nearly always loses. Possible games include Settlers of Catan and its variations, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, etc., depending on the interests of participants. Experienced players also welcome!

Edible Plant Walk

with naturalist Brian

Tuesday from 1:45pm - 3:45pm

Floatilla (all ages)

Wednesday from 1:45pm - 3:45pm-ish, meet at the waterfront

Pontoon or paddle across the lake to the public park and have root beer floats at the pavilion.

Make Essential Oils

Thursday from 10:00am - noon

Bayside 2020 Planning Meeting

Virginia Harrison and Luke Brooks-Shesler

Thursday from 1:45pm - 3:00pm

While it is not a workshop, the Bayside planning meeting is a time to provide input & feedback and to start setting plans in motion for Bayside 2020! Attendance is not required, but all are welcome!

Dance Workshop

Amy Slater

Thursday from 3:15pm - 5:15pm

This dance workshop will feature a combination of set or led movement and improvisation/composition activities. All ages and abilities welcome! Participants will have the option of performing at the Talent Show - with a dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon.

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Critical Reflection

Megan Kann

As a part of a community which values issues of equity and social justice as well as life-long learning and growth, we must look inward and be brutally honest with ourselves in order to critically analyze how race, culture, religion, gender, sexuality, and age shape our identities. Through answering tough questions about our thoughts and actions, we can begin to create a culturally validating and affirming space in our community which fosters a healthy learning environment for all.

Update on the Weird Stock Market

David Kesler

Friday from 1:45pm - 2:45pm

The Weird Stock Market is back by popular demand! We will update the doings of the stock market since this time a year ago.